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Help for Town of Boston Homeowners Facing Foreclosure is Now Available

The New York State Mortgage Assistance Program can provide an interest free mortgage loan up to $40,000 to eligible Town of Boston homeowners at risk of foreclosure. For more information, visit NYSMAP.org.


Report “Zombie Homes” or Vacant & Abandoned Residential Property


What is a Vacant and Abandoned Residential Property (also known as Zombie Homes)?

A vacant or abandoned residential property becomes a Zombie Property when a real estate title (that has stayed with the owner of a residential property) and the mortgage lender has begun a foreclosure process, then cancels the foreclosure process.

The lender is not required to notify the owner of the cancellation, which often leads to the unawareness of all obligations associated with the continued ownership (i.e. local taxes or upkeep of the property)

Reporting Vacant and Abandoned Residential Property or Zombie Homes: In ordinance of the New York Real Property Action and Proceedings Law all Mortgagees and/or servicers are responsible for registering vacant and abandoned properties. By State Law they are required to submit a report (quarterly) of all compliance efforts once the property has been registered.

If you suspect that a home or a private property may be vacant or has been vacated for some time, please report it to the Erie County Clerk’s Office via www.ErieCountyClerkZombies.com or call the Zombie Property  hotline at (716)828-8438 or e-mail zombiecomplaints@wnylc.com (legislator complaints) or jzeranti@wnylc.com for general inquiries.