Dog Control

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To license your dog

If you want to license your dog, you will need the following:

  • Proof of rabies vaccination
  • Certification from a licensed veterinarian if the dog is spayed/neutered.
  • If dog has a tattoo or microchip information may also be added

Licensing may be done at the Boston Town Hall, in the Town Clerk’s office.

Under New York State Law, the owner of any dog reaching the age of 4 months shall immediately make application for a dog license.

The annual fees for licensing a dog are:

  • $8 for a spayed or neutered dog
  • $16 for un-spayed or un-neutered
  • You may license your dog for up to 3 years.
  • Contact the Town Clerk’s Office for more information.

No person shall bring any dog onto any Town property unless the same is on a leash of not over six feet in length and kept on a leash while in said park, playground or recreational area.

49-3Leash requirement.

No person owning, harboring or having the care, custody or charge of any dog, whether male or female, or whether identified or not, shall allow or permit such dog at any time to run at large within the Town of Boston unless such dog shall be effectively controlled and restrained by a competent person by means of a chain or leash not exceeding 10 feet in length.

No owner shall permit or allow such dog to urinate, defecate or commit any other nuisance or damage to property of the public or of another in any park, public building, street, parking lot or any public sidewalk or on any private property.

Some important links

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Erie County Dept of Health FREE RABIES CLINICS

For more information, 716-961-6800

If your dog is missing, or you found a lost dog, please contact the Dog Control Officer.


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